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Dr. Mary A. Bisson

Hochstetter 623
phone: (716) 645-4978
email: bisson@acsu.buffalo.edu
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Research Summary

My laboratory has examined salt stress in algae, with particular interest in turgor regulation (osmotic stress) and sodium homeostasis, using primarily electrophysiology and related biophysical techniques, although molecular and cell techniques are also applied where relevant. Our work has primarily been with Chara, an alga closely related to the line that gave rise to hirer plants, and which shows wide variability in salt tolerance, and which may be a useful source of information and genes to generate salt-tolerant crops. We also do comparative studies on a distantly related green alga, Valonia. Recently we have expanded our work to look at the possible use of Charophytes for phytoremediation of metal-contaminated soils.

Selected Publications

  • Stento, N. A., N. G. Ryba, E. A. Kiegle, and M. A. Bisson. 2000. Turgor regulation in the salt-tolerant alga Chara longifolia. Plant Cell and Environment 23: 629-637.
  • Gong, X-Q and M. A. Bisson. 2002. Acetylcholine-activated channels in plants. Journal of Membrane Biology 188: 107-113
  • Shepherd, V. A., M. J. Beilby, and M. A. Bisson. 2004. When is a cell not a cell? A theory relating coenocytic structure to the unusual physiology of Ventricaria ventricosa (Valonia ventricosa). Protoplasma 223: 71-91
  • M. A. Bisson, M. J. Beilby, V. A. Shepherd. 2006. Electrophysiology of turgor regulation in marine siphonous green algae (topical review). Journal of Membrane Biology 211:1-14.
  • M. J. Beilby, M. A. Bisson, V. A. Shepherd. 2006. The electrophysiology of turgor regulation in charophyte cells. In A. G. Vokov, ed., Plant Electrophysiology—Theory and Methods. pp. 375 – 406
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