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10020 Biological Sciences, Charlotte Lindqvist, portraitDr. Charlotte Lindqvist

Associate Professor
Office: Hochstetter 645
Tel: 645-4986

Ph.D. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Postdoctoral Research at University of Oslo, Norway

Research Summary

My research is broadly concerned with the processes and patterns of genetic and morphological diversification in natural populations and environments. My work is forcused on speciation processes, polyploidy and hybridization in both animals and plants, particularly marine mammals and flowering plant radiations. My research employs the use of genomic technologies to wildlife populations, historical and prehistorical material (ancient DNA), assembly of organellar genomes (plastid and mitochondrial), and metagenomics and mass-sequencing of environmental samples. My current projects include investigation of polar bear evolution, evolutionary genetics of New World mints and untangling the origin a Hawaiian endemic plant radiation (Lamiaceae), and metagenomic investigation of the marine mammal gut microbiota.

Selected Publications

For Dr. Lindqvist’s Google Scholar page, see here.

  • Haase, E.M., Kou, Y., Sabharwal, A., Liao, Y.-C., Lan, T., Lindqvist, C., Scannapieco, F.A. (2017) Comparative genomics and evolution of the amylase-binding proteins of oral streptococci. BMC Microbiology 17: 94.
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  • Welch, A.J., Hofer, K., Ratan, A., Drautz, D., Schuster, S.C., Lindqvist, C. (2016) The quest to resolve recent radiations: Plastid phylogenomics of extinct and endangered Hawaiian endemic mints (Lamiaceae). Mol Phyl Evol 99: 16-33.
  • Roy, T., Lindqvist, C. (2015) New insights into the evolutionary relationships within subfamily Lamioideae (Lamiaceae) based on a pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) nuclear DNA sequences. Am J Bot 102: 1721-1735.
  • Roy, T., Cole, L.W., Chang, T.-H., Lindqvist, C. (2015). Untangling reticulate evolutionary relationships among New World and Hawaiian mints (Stachydeae, Lamiaceae). Mol Phyl Evol 89: 46-62.
  • Welch, A.J., Bedoya-Reina, O.C., Carretero-Paulet, L., Miller, W., Rode, K.D., Lindqvist, C. (2014). Polar bears exhibit genome-wide signatures of bioenergetic adaptation to life in the Arctic environment. Genome Biol Evol 6: 433-450.
  • Roy,, Chang, T.-H., Lan, T., Lindqvist, C. (2013). Phylogeny and biogeography of New World Stachydeae (Lamiaceae) with emphasis on the origin and diversification of Hawaiian and South American taxa. Mol Phyl Evol 69: 218-238.
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