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bissonDr. Mary A. Bisson

Office: Hochstetter 623
Office Hours: Monday – 9:20am Friday – 9:00am
Tel: (716) 645-4978

Ph.D. Duke University
Postdoctoral Research at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Research Fellow at University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Further research info

Research Summary

Plant Ecophysiology: Interactions between plants and the environment, Salinity tolerance, Heavy metal accumulation, Interactions with nanoparticles

My laboratory has examines salt and heavy metal stress in algae. We address questions of mechanisms of transport of relevant ions, including isotopic fluxes, electrophysiology, and biochemical and electrical analyses. We also explore mechanisms of resistance, especially with regard to heavy metals, both in ionic form and in the nanoparticles. We are also interested in the possibility of utilizing plants to clean up contaminated environments (phytoremediation). Our work has primarily been with Chara, an alga closely related to the line that gave rise to hirer plants, and which shows wide variability in salt tolerance. This species may be a useful source of information and genes to generate salt-tolerant crops, and is also currently used to clean up contaminated environments. We also do comparative studies on a distantly related green alga, Valonia, primarily in the field of salt tolerance and turgor regulation.

Selected Publications

  • Clabeaux, B. L., Navarro, D. A., Aga, D. S., Bisson, M. A. 2013. Combined effects of cadmium and zinc on growth, tolerance, and metal accumulation in Chara australis and enhanced phytoextraction using EDTA. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 98: 236-243
  • Navarro, D. A. B, Bisson, M. A., Aga, D. S. 2012. Investigating uptake of water-dispersible CdSe/ZnS quantum dot nanoparticles by Arabidopsis thaliana plants. Journal of Hazardous Materials 211– 212: 427– 435
  • Clabeaux, B. L., Navarro, D. A. B., Aga, D. S., Bisson, M. A. 2011. Cd tolerance and accumulation in the aquatic macrophyte, Chara australis:  Potential use for Charophytes in phytoremediation. Environmental Science and Technology 45 (12), pp 5332–5338
  • M. A. Bisson, M. J. Beilby.  2008.  Transport Systems of Ventricaria ventricosa: Asymmetry of the hyper- and hypotonic regulation mechanisms.  J. Membrane Biology 225:  13-25
  • Gong, X-Q and M. A. Bisson. 2002. Acetylcholine-activated channels in plants. Journal of Membrane Biology 188: 107-113
  • Stento, N. A., N. G. Ryba, E. A. Kiegle, and M. A. Bisson. 2000. Turgor regulation in the salt-tolerant alga Chara longifolia. Plant Cell and Environment 23: 629-637.