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HERREIDDr. Clyde Herreid

Distinguished Teaching Professor
Office: Hochstetter 243
Office Hours: Available by appointment
Tel: (716) 645-3344

Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University
Postdoctoral Research at University of Miami and Duke University

Further research info

Research Summary

We have discovered that there are many ways to tell the story. The classical method used in law and business is to run a discussion between students and the instructor. But there are better ways to teach case such as using small teams of students working together. The Problem-Based Learning method pioneered by the medical schools is extraordinarily successful. But the use of debates, trials, public hearings, and role playing have all proven useful in maintaining student interest and producing higher grades and higher attendance. In large classes we have been able to pioneer the use of Personal Response Systems better known as clickers and to use them to teach with cases.

Selected Publications

  • Herreid, C.F. (2005) Science Education Needs Case Studies The Scientist 19 (4): 10
  • Herreid, C.F. (2005) Because Wisdom Cant Be Told Peer Review 7 (2): 30-31.
  • Herreid, C.F. (2005) Using Case Studies to Teach Science American Institute for Biological Sciences electronic journal website:
  • Herreid, C.F. (2005) Using Novels as Bases for Case Studies: Michael Crichtons State of Fear and Global Warming. Journal of College Science Teaching 34 (7): 10-11.
  • C.F. Herreid (ed) (2007) Start With a Story: The Case Study Method of Teaching Science. National Science Teachers Association, Arlington, VA. pp. 466