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Available Undergraduate Fellowships:


The applications for the undergraduate research fellowships are now open. The deadline is April 21, 2017.

Thanks to our generous donors and best luck to all of the applicants!

Available Undergraduate Fellowships for 2017/18

Our generous alumni and friends have established fellowship and scholarship programs aimed at enhancing the educational experiences of our undergraduate students. These fellowships and scholarships are open to undergraduates who are majors and/or intending to major in Biological Sciences and are interested in conducting research. We strongly encourage all our students to consider applying for one or more of these fellowships. The application is relatively short and is straightforward. They will be reviewed by the UB Biology faculty. The instructions can be found under specific links below.

Please contact Omer Gokcumen for questions

For sophomore level applications to support junior and senior year research

Alumni Undergraduate Research Fellowship provides 2 years of financial support ($1,500/yr) to students entering their junior year to facilitate undergraduate research in their junior and senior years. Note that often you need to be a sophomore to apply.

For junior level applications to support summer research

Philip G. Miles Undergraduate Research Fellowship provides up to $1,250 to support one summer of undergraduate research.

For junior level applications to support senior year research

McCroskey Endowment and Knobloch Endowment Scholarships will be available to provide support for outstanding applicants who demonstrate high academic achievement and financial need. The awards will be up to $2,500 each depending on the merit of the application. Please note the recent policy change where Honors College students who can demonstrate financial need can apply for these fellowships.