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Evolutionary underpinning of eczema

A new study from the Gokcumen Lab. digs deep into the evolutionary dynamics that shape the genetic variation in a major eczema susceptibility gene. Here Read More »

What can saliva teach us about evolution?

A new study from the Gokcumen and Ruhl laboratories looks to the genomes of several human and nonhuman primates for insights into evolution of saliva. Read More »

Studies in C. elegans reveal new mode of neuronal communication

Using C. elegans as a model system, the Ferkey lab has identified a new mode of neuronal communication. Article

Biology faculty leading crowdfunding effort to save African violets

Drs. Charlotte Lindqvist and Victor Albert (UB Biological Sciences), along with┬áDr. Aureliano Bombarely, a genobotanist at Virginia Tech with an interest in plant domestication and Read More »

Dr. Charlotte Lindqvist appears on Animal Planet’s MONSTER WEEK special, YETI OR NOT

UB Reporter Press Release The Animal Planet special, YETI OR NOT, will air on Sunday, May 29 at 9 p.m. EST as part of the Read More »

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